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Is your Service Provider providing a Service?

By admin | Jul 5th, 2017 | Blog | 0 Comments

They say all good things come to an end. But if you are thinking about changing your UPS service and maintenance provider, the chances are the relationship may not have been all that great in the first place – or has not been up to scratch for some time.

Maybe you’re starting to question the costs, especially if you feel there’s a lot of outlay, but precious little in the way of return. i.e service. Maybe all the little ‘extras’ are mounting up. Or have you noticed the monthly remote monitoring report hasn’t been seen for a while?

The fact is you are entitled to a decent level of service. Your service provider shouldn’t be someone you never see from one year to the next, leaving your equipment to maintain itself. If they appear to be taking for granted the nature and importance of the mission critical environment in which your business operates – then it’s time for a change.

At MPower, service provision is something we’ve always been passionate about. It’s what underpins our business. As the company has grown over the years, ensuring UPS equipment is properly maintained and in good working order, regardless of its age and make, has consistently remained a top priority.

It shouldn’t and doesn’t matter whether you are a large conglomerate, an SME or a fledgling business finding your way. Whether you have UPS equipment sited in a single location or across multiple premises – you’re entitled to expect that every element of your installation will function efficiently. And, equally, as the customer, you should never be treated like a number on a page.


Reducing operational costs

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what level of service is actually necessary to properly meet your organisation’s requirements. Whilst others may say differently, a one- size-fits-all approach to service and maintenance is unrealistic and unacceptable. So, initially, we will always undertake a full site survey, to assess the installation and, crucially, to see if it’s possible to cut your operational costs. We’ll carry out energy efficiency calculations and advise whether, by upgrading or changing your existing equipment, there may be ways to reduce payback rates.

Indeed, when it comes to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), it is vitally important that you agree with and understand your maintenance costs, right at the outset. Why pay more, if you can pay less? Be aware that many of the bigger providers will tell you that they – and only they – are able to maintain their own UPS. This is simply not the case. Consumable parts are readily available for all UPS brands. What’s more, the comprehensive level of training which we put our service engineers through, means that they are qualified to work on virtually all makes of UPS equipment – regardless of the manufacturer and from where it was sourced.


Our breadth of expertise

Here’s a situation we regularly come across. Say you work in a company operating multiple sites, such as a call centre operation. IT equipment is scattered across various locations and UPS support equipment has been installed accordingly, to provide necessary back-up. But these installations have been carried out at different times and authorised by different personnel within the organisation. As a result, you’ve somehow ended up with four different contracts, involving four different service providers, who might only be qualified to work on specific equipment. Your problem could be compounded by an IT Manager or FM leaving his post to be replaced by someone unfamiliar with who is responsible for servicing specific equipment. A recipe for confusion. And then, suddenly, there’s an equipment breakdown and panic. Who needs to be called? Where’s the engineer. What’s the number? Not a good situation for the person left carrying the can.

At MPower, no matter how many sites you operate, or who the original provider was, you can rely on one engineer to service and maintain all your UPS equipment. One point of contact, one site visit from an in-house engineer, one contract (instead of multiple ones) resulting in a more reliable service and – almost certainly – a more cost effective one. Nationwide, 24/7, including emergency cover.


Competence and Flexibility

MPower are UKAS ISO 9001-2015 approved, we are Achilles audited, Safe Contractor approved and have CIPS Sustainability Index recognition. We take pride in ensuring our engineers are trained to service the vast majority of the UPS equipment that’s out there today. And the majority of our field engineers have been part of the MPower team for many years. Experience counts!

As a company, we’ve also made it our business to structure a flexible range of service and maintenance contracts, based upon years of real life experience working with a broad cross section of public and private sector organisations.

To make life easier, our UPS maintenance contracts start in three main, off the shelf packages – on all equipment. But within each of these options, there’s flexibility. You get to choose the regularity of site visits, whether these are in or out of hours and how response times and emergency call outs need to be covered. You’ll never be part of a herd. Instead, you’ll find your MPower service and maintenance contract pretty much tailored to your specific requirements. And, if your business is going through a period of expansion or contraction, then we’ll work with you to take account of these changing circumstances.

We pride ourselves on being pro-active and our Service Department will contact you – not the other way round – to organise all planned maintenance visits. What’s more, you’ll always know who your point of contact is and not be left running around in the dark over who to call.

So if you have a sneaking suspicion it’s time to part company with your current service provider, or you aren’t even sure who that provider is, then MPower is here to help. For a free site visit and consultation to assess your requirements – we are, most definitely, at your service.

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