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Rack Mount UPS

When it comes to purpose built rack mount UPS solutions for your business, with MPower you are spoilt for choice.

Our Sinus LCD and DSP Multipower on-line double conversion technologies are both outstanding UPS rack mount products, designed to be tower and rack mount compatible.

Sitting neatly inside MPower’s efficient and secure storage systems, they create the perfect rack mount UPS match.

Sinus LCD one phase in, one phase out, has a power capability of between 1kVA and 3kVA. Fully programmable from the display, its multi-functional LCD/LED panel provides various readings including voltage, load status and inner cabinet temperature.

At its heart, Sinus is designed and built to protect your electronic equipment from power fluctuation – insurance that you’ll receive a reliable, clean and stable supply.

Our DSP Multipower range comes with a little more beef. You can select the one phase in one phase out option with capacity from 5kVA to 10kVA or, alternatively, a three phase in one phase out version from 10kVA to 20kVA.

Either way, this true online architecture will continuously supply your critical device with stable, regulated, transient-free pure sine wave AC Power.

DSP Multipower’s multi-functional LCD/LED panel displays working status, utility status, fault status, input/output voltage, frequency, load status and inner cabinet temperature. Providing four different working modes, Normal, ECO, CF50 and CF60, this versatile UPS can be used in a whole range of applications.

Furthermore, its revolutionary battery management circuit analyzes the battery discharging status and adjusts the battery cut-off point when running on battery – which will extend battery life.

And if you’re looking for rack mount UPS cabinets that combine style, function and reliability, our Inforack product range is second to none, providing an unrivalled selection of rack mount UPS features, options and accessories to meet every application.


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