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UPS Maintenance and Service Contracts

For most businesses, having a UPS contract is crucial to the continuity of their business. If your power fails it can become very costly in the short term while your business has stopped running.

MPower is here to provide UPS backup power, for all valuable equipment, machinery, factory lines, computer systems and everything you use electricity for to run your business.

If you rely on continuous up-time to run your business successfully, servicing your UPS equipment needs to be a regular occurrence.

We recognise the importance of servicing and we offer tailor-made solutions to fit the requirements of your business along with standard maintenance and contract solutions.

Other services we provide are:

UPS fault finding, UPS installation and fitting, UPS battery disposal. Generator installation, generator repair, generator re-location, generator removal. UPS emergency call out service is also available.We provide UPS site surveys, fault calls, emergency call out, fault finding and even health checks for you UPS. Please call us on 01420 82031 or email us at or request a free site survey now.24/7 EMERGENCY COVER AVAILABLE

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