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UPS for Emergency Lighting

It’s one thing to have emergency lighting in your facility – but is it sufficiently supported by a reliable and fully functioning UPS system?

The loss of mains electricity and the resultant failure of normal lighting could be the result of a power cut or, worse still, a fire. If this happens, it could lead to the premises being plunged into darkness, putting the building’s occupants in physical danger and causing a panic situation.

To be fully prepared for such circumstances, UPS for emergency lighting is an essential but often overlooked failsafe that could mean the difference between life and death.

What if you actually have a UPS battery installed, but it fails to act when most needed, simply because it hasn’t been properly maintained?

Install UPS for Emergency Lighting

MPower’s highly qualified team of field engineers can supply and maintain UPS for emergency lighting systems. We work closely with all the major manufacturers – and the right equipment for your premises really needn’t cost a fortune to install and service.

It’s worth being reminded that if you have batteries that are old and failing and cannot support your UPS for emergency lighting when required, the repercussions for your business could be long lasting.

So talk to us today to discuss your on-going UPS for emergency lighting requirements.


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