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UPS for Servers

For many SMEs and the majority of larger organisations, having in place the appropriate level of UPS for servers or other data storage facilities is a non-negotiable failsafe.

Within any server based operation, even the briefest interruption in power can be costly. You could lose data, encounter catastrophic hardware failure and face major disruption to your business.

We have built our reputation on providing back-up for all manner of IT departments, data centres and computer rooms, across a broad sweep of public and private sector organisations – small and large – from the emergency services to international corporations.

Within this myriad of applications, we continue to provide robust, reliable and high performance UPS solutions to protect servers and other forms of data storage against power failure or any unexpected fluctuations in current.

We’re proud to have developed long standing relationships with clients to ensure they have the requisite level of properly maintained and serviced UPS for servers, knowing full well that it could be called into operation at a moment’s notice.

If you are assessing the benefits of UPS for the first time, or if you have doubts about whether your current UPS for servers is of a satisfactory standard or capability, then contact us today and we will be glad to provide all the help you require.

We’ll make a full assessment of your critical power requirements, look at present usage and potential future growth. Based on demand, we’ll advise on external battery requirements, including the most appropriate configurations and supply all the necessary switchgear, monitoring software and generators.

We will help you decide on the best technical solution to suit your needs, as well as recommend an appropriate service plan to ensure your server UPS system stays in sound working order.

At Mpower, we believe in providing pro-active UPS for servers for our clients – solutions that will keep your servers properly protected when the power goes off.


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