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MPower UPS is one of the UK’s leading UPS suppliers and maintainers of emergency and back-up UPS power systems, emergency lighting and line conditioners, diesel generators and battery banks.

With an enviable track record amongst a broad range of UK-wide clientele spanning both public and private sectors, we are a full service UPS supplier offering direct sales, together with flexible service and maintenance packages on all UPS and related equipment.

Working closely with some of the best known manufacturers in the industry, we specialise in the provision of single phase UPS, three phase UPS and rack mount solutions for IT department and comms rooms. We have an extensive team of sales and engineering professionals and can provide 24/7 service cover nationwide.

As you would expect from a comprehensive UPS supplier, we are ideally placed to handle all your stand-by power requirements. We install new UPS solutions, utilising products that have proven reliability to get you through any unexpected periods of mains power failure.

At MPower, we’ll look after every aspect of your UPS requirement – providing detailed specifications, recommending the most appropriate products, installation, commissioning, full project management where required and all on-going maintenance.

If you are looking for a proven UPS supplier to take care of all your uninterrupted power supply requirements, then with MPower UPS you’ve found exactly the right source.

Install New UPS

We install new UPS systems for an array of uses, such as:
UPS for Servers
UPS for Emergency Lighting
UPS for Data Centres
UPS Emergency Call Out


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